Measurement devices – Physics of Electrostatic Systems

Charge is affected by multiple material and environment parameters:

chemical formulation, homogeneous or mixed powders, surface properties, additives, electrical conductivity.

electrical and magnetic fields, temperature, humidity.

number and strength of collisions among the particles or against other surfaces.

The EPPING – PES Laboratorium has over 30 years of experience in producing measurement devices for electrostatic charge. Our devices are characterized by high quality, high stability, reproducibility and reliability, which make us a competent and valuable partner to our customers around the world.

All of our devices are available in our lab for testing. We can also measure your samples as a service in our lab.


The q/m meter is used to measure the charge to mass ratio of dual component developer systems (carrier + toner) and, optionally, for mono component toner systems. The q/m-value measured in µC/g is one of the important physical properties used to characterize toner/carrier, and is used in the electrostatic printing process …

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The q/m auto is a fully automated measurement device to measure the charge to mass ratio of dual component developer systems (carrier + toner). The device has been developed from our manual q/m-meter device and delivers fully compatible results. …

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The q/d-meter (former q-test) measures the charge distribution q/d in fC/µm of dry particles. The distribution provides more detailed information about the charging characteristics of the particles…

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The M-meter measures the magnetic hysteresis loop of powder-material, for example magnetic toner, carrier, ferrite powder or magnetite. Several magnetic parameters can be calculated from the hysteresis loop, such as remanence, coercivity etc…

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The c-meter is a conductivity-meter for two- or mono-component developers that are qualified for magnetic polarisation. It measures conductivity from the charge decay curve.

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Maintenance and repair

We serve global companies in the chemicals industry and printer manufacturers, as well as small labs, who request high standards to their suppliers. To fulfill these high expectations, our devices are designed very robust and reliable. We have put great effort into making them easy to repair in case of malfunction. In most cases, we can solve problems via telephone or email. We are able to send out spare parts in 24 hours by courier, which can easily be exchanged.

We also offer our services to adjust and calibrate the devices according ISO standards in our laboratory.

The operation of our devices is user friendly and easy. No time-consuming adjustment or setup is required. All devices are computer-controlled via a Windows® program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.